Barak Valley Discontent Over Govt Spending on Namghars

Barak Valley Discontent Over Govt Spending on Namghars
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The decision of the Assam government to provide an amount of Rupees 2.5 lakhs to 7000 Namghars across the state has sparked a sense of dissatisfaction among certain sections in Barak Valley.

As per sources, health authorities and certain key officials in the valley have expressed their displeasure over the fact that at a time when the government was giving a cold shoulder to the COVID-19 crisis in Barak Valley, it has decided to shell out a sizeable amount under the Assam Darshan scheme.

They reportedly added that the alarming situation has led to lockown being clamped in 3 districts of the region. Moreover, only 10 ICU beds are there in Barak Valley for COVID-19 patients.

Despite this serious crisis, the state government didn't think of earmarking a certain amount to help the region fight the odds stacked against it, they said.   

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