‘Big Dam’ – Centre’s solution to Assam Floods

‘Big Dam’ – Centre’s solution to Assam Floods

At a time when the Government at the Centre is refusing to grant Assam Floods and erosion the status of a national problem one hand, and on the other, the state is attempting to crawl back to normal life after one of the worst deluges. At the same time, the BJP government at the centre and the state in an attempt to curb recurring floods are planning something more disastrous.

According to a two and a half year plan of the BJP government, a tripartite international water treaty between India, China and Bhutan is taking form soon. As per this plan, the water flowing from Bhutan and China especially to Assam will be blocked by a hydroelectric project. The electricity produced will thus be shared between the three countries. The government is of the opinion that this is the only solution to the prolonged flood and erosion issues of the state.

In order to set this project into momentum, Prime minister Narendra Modi is set to visit Bhutan next month. It may be noted that in June 07, Minister of External Affairs, S Jaishankar met the Prime Minister of Bhutan to discuss about Indo-Bhutan hydroelectric cooperation.

The Governor of Assam Prof Jagdish Mukhi while on a visit to flood affected Kaziranga confirming Centre's intentions said that declaring it as a national problem is not the remedy, however, effort is required to control or prevent this perennial issue.

Mukhi stated that the coordinating agency formed two and half years ago by the Central government are coordinating with the governments of Bhutan and China to prepare schemes to control flood in downstream areas in the Northeast.

Further, the Governor informed that there is sufficient funds and the Central government under the leadership of the PM has been taking necessary measures to find a solution to the recurring flood and erosion issue.

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