BJP caused biggest damage to Hindu’s :Tarun Gogoi

BJP caused biggest damage to Hindu’s :Tarun Gogoi

Former Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi lambasted Bharatiya Banata Party (BJP) on Tuesday in a press conference and said that BJP, talking about Hinduism has affected Hindus adversely.

"BJP talks about Hinduism but they have caused more harm to Hindus than any other" Gogoi said.

Speaking about the recent mass murder at Dhola, Tarun Gogoi said, "All the five deceased in the Dhola incidents were Hindus". "Most of the people left out of National Register of Citizens (NRC) are also Hindu's, even the missing  Revati Gogoi, mediator between ULFA-I and the Centre was a Hindu ", added Gogoi.

Enraged Gogoi also said that the recent victims of rape and murder in the Assam are Hindu's.

Gogoi focused on the failure of the Home Department and said that its due to the departments failure that has led to the turmoil in the state.

Suspecting a political linkage to the Dhola incident, Gogoi said," Dhola incident is a prime example of Home Departments failure and it could be a political conspiracy.

Talking about the upcoming Panchayat elections Gogoi surmised AGP and BJP may part ways. He also expressed his confidence over a decent result for Congress in the Panchayat Elections.

Showing his support towards Pratidin Time's #SayNoToPollution campaign, the former Chief Minister of Assam appealed the people of the state to celebrate this Diwali with light and not sound.

(Featured image: Times Now)

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