BJP dented Cong projecting AGP as Oppn.

BJP dented Cong projecting AGP as Oppn.

The BJP has successfully stopped Congress in Assam from garnering all the anti BJP votes in the Panchayat poll by projecting AGP  as non ally splitting the anti BJP votes between Congress and AGP.

"Our main aim is to deny the Congress any anti-BJP vote and that we have been able to do. This is our strategy and that is why the anti AGP rant has been coming from our camp" said a top BJP source in confidence.

The  Congress grudgingly also admit that they have not been able to get a wide foothold in the minority dominated areas, where it was expected to be a cake walk and in the upper Assam also where anti BJP sentiment was equally high the AGP has been gaining .

The BJP strategized this approach and opened the main front through Himanta Biswa Sharma who choose BJP state head office to go full force against the AGP. The media jumping on the anti AGP tirade speculated the withdrawal of the AGP from the alliance.

"It was a complete game plan and it has successfully confused the people" said Columnist and senior journalist Manjit Mahnta. As the media went on to lap up the BJP-AGP shadow boxing, an image was created  within the voters that AGP was drifting away. This was exactly what the BJP planned in complete harmony with the AGP's top leadership.

This harmed the Congress prospect badly in the Panchayat Poll as the growing anti BJP voters got divided between Congress and AGP in upper Assam and in lower it got divided between AGP, Congress and AIUDF.

The Congress in private admits that they had found going tough in Muslim areas where they were thinking of sailing.

The post Panchayat poll scene will be different as AGP and BJP once again come back to be good friend despite the hullaboo of the Citizenship Alliance Bill and take over all the Panchayats.

In fact Himanta Biswa Sharma's utterance how AGP raised the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the NEDA meeting and the Cabinet meeting was also part of the same strategy.

By pronouncing that AGP did raise the matter despite his request, the AGP got a much needed certificate on the issue which have helped the AGP to take a position amongst the voters.

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