Assam BJP MLA attends cremation of ‘Bangladeshi’

Assam BJP MLA attends cremation of ‘Bangladeshi’

Politics is a very strange place. BJP came to power to chase Bangladeshis. Now the MLAs of the party had to attend the cremation of same Bangladeshis to protect the vote base of Bengali Hindus.

The BJP MLA of Barkhetri was forced to do that by the BJP High Command as he was asked to attend the cremation of Falu Das, who was pronounced illegal immigrant by the Court and was serving sentence in the detention centre when he died to various illness in the Guwahati Medical College.

His family refused to accept the body and that started another age of non-acceptance of the body by the family members.  Their stand – if he was Bangladeshi why hand over the body to the family.

But the vote bank politics is strange. Instead of Body being disposed of, the Government caved in and coaxed the family members to accept the body after a protracted negotiation.

Thedrama came to an end yesterday when the family members of Late Falu Dasaccepted his body without any 'condition' four days after his death cremated.

This has become a new headache for authorities when people living in the detention centres die due to natural cause.  The angry family, which has been fighting long legal cases to get the person from the detention centre, then refuses to accept the body creating a headache.

Allthese people living in the detention centre were pronounced illegal immigrantsbut their family members were not. The controversial Foreigners Tribunals ofAssam whose activities were always under cloud gave most of this verdict due tominor technical reasons.

 Falu Das' body was lying in the morgue of theGauhati Medical College Hospital where he died after undergoing treatment forhis many severe illnesses during his stay at the Goalpara detention camp.

The body of the declared foreigner was cremated at the village Chatemari under Mukalmua Police station last night. The MLA of Barkshetri LAC Narayan Deka, a magistrate from the Nalbari district administration also attended the funeral.

TheDeputy Commissioner Nalbari, Bharat Bhusan Dev Choudhury told newsmen that thefamily had accepted the body without any conditions. Earlier, they had setconditions to accept the body from the hospital.

Thetwo major conditions set by the family were that the family members of LateFalu Das must be included in the National Register of Citizens (NRC) withoutany process. Secondly, no member of his family could be sent to the detention camp.However, the Deputy Commissioner refused to accept their conditions.

TheDeputy Commissioner further said that the Government would extend all possiblelegal help to the family. Besides, financial assistance will also be providedto the poor family.

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