BJP MLA manhandled by MP ticket seeker

BJP MLA manhandled by MP ticket seeker

A BJP MLA was manhandled by a strong BJP MP ticket aspirant in front of a powerful Assam Minister in the Assam House, New Delhi yesterday as the BJP has panicked in the ticket distribution and dropped five sitting MPs.

The  MLA from central north Assam was abused, physically manhandled in presence of the senior minister by the ticket aspirant who himself  is a prominent member of the party, a serious MP contender and a popular BJP TV panelist..

Although the exact reason of the incident was not known the MLA perhaps bad mouthed the strong ticket aspirant of the Lower Assam seat who was one of the two remained in the panel and lost out in the last round.

This happened in front of the minister, who remained silent spectator as the BJP leader pilloried the MLA who digested the full humiliation as few others were also in the present.

Later it was known that in the hope of a ministry , the BJP MLA was shuttling between Himanta Biswa Sharma and Sarbanda Sonowal camp and that made the BJP leader very angry and caught him red handed and abused.

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