BSF To Replace Mizoram Police At Assam-Mizo Border

BSF To Replace Mizoram Police At Assam-Mizo Border

Mizoram Chief Secretary Lalnunmawaia Chuaungo, during a press briefing on Sunday, said that Border Security Force (BSF) will replace Mizoram police at the Assam-Mizoram border and release stranded trucks as Assam will call off the barring of National Highway tonight.

Mr Chuaungo, after discussion with Union Home Secretary, Assam Chief Secretary, Assam Home Secretary and Mizoram Home Secretary via video conferencing, stated that three companies of the BSF will be stationed at various border towns on the Mizoram side.

A stretch of 164.6 km is shared by Assam and Mizoram as their border, which has been contested became a Union Territory in 1972. Several rounds of talks have taken place since 1994 but none have resulted in any agreement till date.

The Chief Secretary informed that he has been in contact with the Union Home Secretary since October 18 on a daily basis in a bid to ease tension between Assam and Mizoram over the border dispute.

Presently, three companies of BSF have reached Mizoram and will be stationed at the bordering towns of Vairengte, Saihapui V and Thinghlun.

Assam on the other hand has been demanding that the state police on both the sides be withdrawn. Mizoram government however has been unable to comply at first due to threat of security for Mizos living at the bordering towns of Assam as the farm houses and crops of a Mizo farmer at Mamit bordering -Karimganj district was burnt down by Assam officials last month.

Furthermore, Mr Chuaungo stressed on the fact that the contested boundary can only be resolved through dialogue and negotiation. He added that that Mizoram will withdraw its forces only after BSF personnel take up their posts.

The Chief Secretary also expressed his regrets and condolences over the death of Imtiaz Ali while in the custody of Mizoram police at Vairengte and also the two bomb blasts that occurred at a school at Phainuam, both within Kolasib district of Assam-Mizoram border.

Cases have been registered with the Mizoram police and investigations are currently underway, he said.

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