Bus fare Not Hiked by ASTC: Chairman

Bus fare Not Hiked by ASTC: Chairman

The Assam StateTransport Corporation (ASTC) Chairman Ashok Bhattarai said that some peoplespread fake news that the ASTC has hiked the bus fare. He said this through apress conference conducted at Circuit House in Biswanath Chariali.

Addressing themedia persons, the Chairman said that the bus fare has not been increased bythe authorities and if any person has paid a high fare than the fare fixed bythe government they should report to police or the concerned authorities.

He also said thatthe ASTC has not run any buses for business purposes rather it has served thepeople of the state in this hour of crisis.

Bhattarai also requested the passengers not to pay the high fare if they travel on the bus under ASTC. He also informed that 120 buses are running under Guwahati Transport Corporation, 100 city buses under Transport Corporation, and 50-60 buses are running for emergency services.

The Chairman alsostated that 150 buses of ASTC are running for inter-district travel and 90 privatebuses are running for the convenience of the passengers.

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