CAA Row: MLA Mrinal Saikia shooed away in Khumtai

CAA Row: MLA Mrinal Saikia shooed away in Khumtai

The angryresidents of Brahmaputra area in Khumtai on Friday shooed away BJP MLA MrinalSaikia for not being with them, while they were protesting against theCitizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019.

The anti-CAA women protesters in Brahmaputra area protested against Khumtai MLA, Mrinal Saikia's visit at the area by waving black flags. According to sources, the women protestors were assaulted by BJP goons and torn the black flags.

Reportedly, MLA Saikia incited his followersto violence in the wake of the protests across the length of Assam. Addressinghis followers at Chabua in Dibrugarh, Saikia said, "The BJP has become strong,you can be strong too. You all just have to come out; have tolerated enough. Ifsomeone comes to burn your house, you also burn down their houses. If theytouch one worker of ours, do the same with 10 of their workers."

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