Can Govt Combat Jihadis’ Agenda Of India’s Next Partition By 2047

Can Govt Combat Jihadis’ Agenda Of India’s Next Partition By 2047

Can Govt Combat Jihadis' Agenda Of India's Next Partition By 2047

Terrorism has emerged as arguably the single most important national security issue of India, which has pushed both the Centre and State governments to focus on arrays of anti-terrorism laws, strategies, initiatives, and measures to combat it.

Last week, Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar stated that India and the US will stand united in addressing the scourge of terrorism and will oppose terrorist safe-havens, countering terror financing and strengthen cooperation against terrorist threats from groups, including those in India's immediate neighbourhood.

In fact, until recently, India was also reluctant to openly communicate with Taliban extremists, fearing a dialogue would severe the relationship with the Afghanistan government. But, recently, as part of a crucial change in policies, the Indian government did acknowledge it had entered into backchannel communications with the extremist group as the Taliban has strengthened in Afghanistan and will grow stronger as the US military withdraws from the war-torn country. The government is initiating a dialogue with the friendly factions of the Taliban especially in a bid to avoid losing strategic leverage to the rival nations especially Pakistan and China.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah during his visit to the Northeast including Assam last month had stated that the formation of the BJP government for the second time indicated that the people of the region have permanently 'rejected terrorism'. But, alarmingly in Assam, from being a phantom menace, acts of extremism by a certain Kerala-based religious organization, with its headquarters in the national capital, has turned out to become a growing threat to the state.

The outfit as it claims has already established a strong base across 22 states and in the recent past has penetrated in the gateway to the entire Northeastern region. This spurs fear and concern as the outfit is suspected to be carrying out Jihadi activities rampantly.

Assam shares its boundaries with eastern and northeastern states alongside international borders measuring 533.3 kilometres and the organisation's extremist anti-national acts have started penetrating into certain factions of young minds belonging to the Muslim minority across the state. The matter is even more concerning as the outfit aims to turn the nation into an Islamic State by 2047 as suggested by several intelligence sources.

As per sources shared with Asomiya Pratidin and Pratidin Time, the outfit has formed 17 other organisations to cushion their exposure. The Assam headquarters of the organisation is situated in Guwahati and they have an active presence across both their national and state Facebook pages.

Frequent training camps are being held in different districts of the state, where Muslim youths are radicalized and trained. Eventually, these cadres are enlisted into various departments/divisions within this organization, which includes the "security department", based on the acumen of each cadres. These cadres are then given specialized training based on the department they have been inducted into. The trainers for these specialized classes are generally from outside the state, as per sources.

During a sting operation, a senior member of this organization revealed the training modules. The trainees, segregated in groups of 10-15 boys between the age of 16 to 35, are hosted at houses of members of the outfit groups. Moreover, there is a massive push for the conduct of physical training camps, and at least seven such camps have been identified. There are teachings are on various courses that include teachings on Quran and Hadith, Islamic Literature, responsibilities and duties of a good Muslim, the Indian Constitution, and videos of atrocities against the Umma are shown and a call for Jehad is declared.

The outfit has also been alleged for supporting and funding student organisations and their movements. Two members of the organisation were also held by the Assam Police for their role during the anti-CAA protest for inciting violence.

The outfit member also said that their families and close confidantes are unaware of their involvement in this mission of theirs. They are determined that by 2047 their goal of turning India into an Islamic state will be a reality and they have accumulated and trained such a huge number of volunteers who will carry forward their legacy.

The organisation has subtly spread its venom through activities that may involve the participation of innocent and ignorant citizens or even certain non-profitable organisations unknowingly.

In this regard, it may be mentioned that there are several NGOs in the state who may be registered under relevant laws, however, has no official addresses, and regular auditing of their activities.

Sources have also mentioned that unlike the organisation's previous recruitment methods of primarily training youths from underprivileged backgrounds, they have been now recruiting youths from well-to-do families with sufficient education qualifications.

Further, in the last two years since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisation has not just ramped up its recruitment activities, it has also been proactively participating in providing Covid relief to wear a garb of a secular, social organisation.

By now, it has been confirmed by these sources, that the organisation may have joined hands also with the Bangladesh banned terror outfit Jammat-ul Mujahideen (JMB). Their en-mass participation in Nepal Ijtema (which is known to have Pakistani ISI backing), as recently as in 2020 is another major concern.

Meanwhile, the Assam government including the home department, Assam Police, the state's security forces, and its intelligence units are well aware of the present security status of the state.

In a recent press meet, Director General of Assam Police, Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta had stated that the police force is doing its best to ensure that radicalised elements in the state are being checked in order to keep terror at bay.

Talking to a senior journalist in Asomiya Pratidin, The Additional Director General of Police (Special Branch), Assam Police, Shri Hiren Nath, admitted about the growing presence of this radical extremist organisation in the state. However, he also noted that the activities and movements are covered up meticulously which makes it challenging to blow their cover.

Even previously, Asomiya Pratidin and Pratidin Time had carried out two news stories in connection to the growing anti-national activities in the state in relation to various Jihadi outfits.

In April, 2021, the Supreme Court of India had informed that the Centre is in the process of banning this minority organisation which has been banned in several states already.

The organisation time and again has been accused of propagating communal hate among the citizens and carrying numerous anti-national activities. However, the question remains who will ring the bell? When will the Centre take action in putting a complete ban on an organisation it has always pointed a finger along with evidence? When will Assam government carry out the same? Or, will both the governments wait till the doomsday of 2047?

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