Cattle Syndicate Continues Unabated in Assam

Cattle Syndicate Continues Unabated in Assam

The cattlesyndicate in Assam is still continued unabated and large numbers of cows arebeing smuggled to neighboring Bangladesh and in a tragic incident, locals ofDhubri witnessed eleven numbers of dead cows at Kherdubi area in NationalHighway 31.

Locals alleged that the cattle smuggler have done this mischievous act while the cows were being carried by truck to Bangladesh.

Locals and different organizations demanded that the incident should be investigated and that the culprits should be punished who have done this sinful act. "It has been seen that large numbers of cows are supplied to nearby Bangladesh everyday and although the police are aware of the incidents, they don't take any step against them. Many cows died on their way while being carried on the truck due to suffocation," said one of the locals.

On the otherhand, the Agomani police have seized one Bolero pick up van carrying a buffaloand five cows and detained the driver of the vehicle Sahil Hussain.

The police seizedthe vehicle bearing registration number AS 17B 7440 while it was on its way toGauripur from Golakganj.

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