Cement, Steel Price up for Poll

Cement, Steel Price up for Poll

In a bid to boost the poll coffer, the BJP in Assam has allowed the cement traders to increase the price of cement by Rs 5 per beg and Rs 3000-4000 per ton of steel from last night.

In the market from last night at 1200 the new price have come into the affect. The Star, Dalmia, Topcem cements have already informed their Dealers about the price hike.

Accordingly here is the new price list-

There is no reasoning why this price has been increased as the cement companies have formed a cartel and started fleecing the hapless customers.

Similarly, in the past 15 days, the price of tonne of steel has gone up by 3000-4000 rupees. The reason for this hike is a detour the transporters are taking due to bridge maintenance.

But most of the dealers are in agreement that a detour can not increase the transportation cost by Rs 3000-Rs 4000 per tonne and it is just an excuse to milk money from the customers for the poll use.

However, the state government has stayed away from the matter so far maintaining that input of the construction materials have gone up and hence the price had gone up.

As a result, home construction has become extremely expensive in Assam these days.

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