Citizenship Bill will lapse if no RS nod today

Citizenship Bill will lapse if no RS nod today

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 lapse if no Rajya Sabha nod today and it looks like in this very complex situation, ruling party is not being able to manage the floor of the Rajya Sabha, way it wanted.

Along with he Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 , the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2018, two controversial and unpopular Bills which have generated much heat inside and outside Parliament and divided NDA alliances, will also lapse if Rajya Sabha does not pass them today.

In a last ditch attempt to salvage the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, the government offered to delink North-East from the Bill but the Opposition parties rejected the proposal.

Today is the last day of the Budget session and till now effort to extended the Budget session have not met with any success as opposition are hell bent on not allowing extension.

The all Important CAG report on Rafale deal is also listed besides the unfinished debate on the President's speech as well as pass the Interim Budget of 2019.

The Opposition parties have protested the listing of the citizenship Bill without consultation, but government sources cited a 2016 decision of the Business Advisory Committee of Rajya Sabha when three hours were allocated for a discussion on the Bill.

Even if it is taken up and not passed, it will not survive the dissolution of the 16th Lok Sabha in which it was introduced.

The provision regarding lapse of a Bill in the Rajya Sabha Legislative Procedure states: "A Bill pending in Rajya Sabha which has not been passed by Lok Sabha does not lapse on the dissolution of Lok Sabha but a Bill which is passed by Lok Sabha and is pending in Rajya Sabha lapses on the dissolution of Lok Sabha."

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