Coronavirus Spurs Demand For Gamosa Masks

Coronavirus Spurs Demand For Gamosa Masks

With reports of coronavirus casesbeing reported from many parts of India, people are rushing to medical storesto get their hands on either N95 or a simple surgical face mask, and sanitizersbut they have been hamstrung by their massive shortage. Even e-commercewebsites are running out of these two products.

Meanwhile, Phanindra Pradhan, 37, a fine arts student from Gohpur in Biswanath district has come with a unique and affordable mask made of Gamosa. Pradhan's initiative has been much appreciated and purchase orders for more such masks are reaching him from across the state.

The demand for protective masksand sanitizers in India has gone up significantly and with rising demand, theprice of masks has shot up multiple times.

"In view of the current situationworldwide, we have witnessed 10 times & more of growth in demand for facesmasks, particulate respiratory masks, and protective suits to curb the spreadof Coronavirus. We are selling each for Rs 50," said Phanindra who hails fromDathkola village of Gohpur, nearly 292km from Guwahati.

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