COVID-19: Aaranyak contributes Rs. 1 lakh to Assam Govt

COVID-19: Aaranyak contributes Rs. 1 lakh to Assam Govt

Amid theongoing crisis across the globe, Aaranyak, a premier NGO of Assam, working forwildlife, environment and climate change issues, has contributed Rs. 1 Lakh toAssam Government to strengthen government initiatives to check COVID-19 inAssam.

Accordingto a press statement, Aaranyak transferred the amount on Friday to the bank accountsof Assam Arogya Nidhi.

Apart from contributing to CM Fund, Aaranyak also arranged to make homemade cotton face masks based on the Government of India's guidelines and distributed about 350 such masks in Bokakhat subdivision, 160 masks to staffs working in Pabitora WLS and 500 masks are being made for distribution in and around Manas NP.

It maybe mentioned here that Aaranyak, in association with Department of Science andTechnology, Govt. of Assam; and Assam Science Technology and EnvironmentCouncil (ASTEC) also jointly published awareness material on this pandemic tomake common public aware.

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