Cyclone Fani: Do’s and don’ts

Cyclone Fani: Do’s and don’ts

Before cyclone

  • Stay calm, don't panic and ignore rumours
  • Keep your mobiles charged
  • Stay updated on radio and TV
  • Prepare an emergency first aid kit
  • Keep important documents in waterproof containers
  • Secure your house
  • Don't leave any sharp objects loose
  • Untie animals to ensure their safety

During Cyclone

  • Switch off electrical mains, gas supplies
  • Keep doors and windows shut
  • If your house in unsafe, leave early before the onset of the cyclone
  • Listen to radio/transistor
  • Drink boiled/chlorinated water
  • Rely only on official warnings

After cyclone

  • Do not enter damaged buildings
  • Watch out for broken electric poles, wires and other sharp objects
  • Seek a safe shelter as soon as possible

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