Damage Reoccurs in Old Saraighat Bridge

Damage Reoccurs in Old Saraighat Bridge

The Old Saraighat Bridge has again seen serial cracks. The cracks have been created after one and a half years of repairing work done by the North East Frontier Railway. The cracks have become a risk as accidents might occur at any moment.

The damage in the bridge leads to traffic chaos which has become a problem for the commuters. Massive traffic has been witnessed by the commuters which take much time to reach Guwahati from the North Guwahati side.

It may be mentioned that the NF Railway has done the repairing work one year ago bearing a cost of Rs. 9crore under the supervision of Senior engineer Sindhuram. The bridge was closed for many days for repairing work but within a year or two many areas in the bridge have been damaged.

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