Dead man produced at NRC Hearing

Dead man produced at NRC Hearing

Sensation prevailed in Misamari of Sonitpur district following an incident where family members living at Bhelera Village allegedly produced a dead person in a NRC kendra.

According to sources the family was on their way to visit the office of NRC for final hearing. But in a sad note head of the family Balaram Chakrabartty had to accept death on his way to NRC Office.

The family members finding no other solution had to take the deceased Balaram Chakrabarty to the office, along with the wife, son and three grand children of the Balaram. Balaram Chakrabarty didn't have any illness, his death was a sudden death as claimed by the family members. Family members asserted that Balaram on his way to the NRC office also took part in a family discussion before his death.

The family had to reach the NRC office at around 11 am of 2nd April but the whole incident took place just when the family was 5 km away to reach the office. The incident took place at Kalakushi centre in Misamari, when Balaram health condition worsened suddenly.

The family tried to contact 108 services but as they failed to contact them, they themselves took Balaram to Tezpur Medical College (TMC) but  the doctors declared him dead.

According to family members Balaram lost his life due to heart attack.

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