Dibrugarh: 27-day infant recovered from septic tank

Dibrugarh: 27-day infant recovered from septic tank

In a weirdincident, a 27-day old child has been snatched away from her mother and killed andthrown away in a septic tank at Dibrugarh.

The child wassleeping with her mother when it was snatched away by some miscreants andkilled the child and thrown away at the neighbour's septic tank who was laterrecovered by police.

Sensation prevails in the area after the child was recovered from the septic tank by the police. Police said, "It was at around 1 am when the child's father Sazidul Ali has slept after coming from the bathroom that some miscreants have covered the child's mother with black cloth and snatched away from her child. When Sazidul was taking care of his wife, he noticed that their child was not in the bed and then they become worried and informed the police."

Police informedthat after reaching the spot, they search the baby and found the body in aseptic tank.

However, policestarted the initial investigation into the incident and detained Sazidul Ali, uncleIdul Ali, grandfather Suvan Ali for interrogation.

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