Dibrugarh: Laborers Demand Transfer of Manager from Maijan Tea Garden

Dibrugarh: Laborers Demand Transfer of Manager from Maijan Tea Garden

The laborers of the Maijan Tea Garden have demanded the transfer of the garden manager through a heated protest today.

Tense situation prevailed in Dibrugarh Maijan Tea Garden today after the laborers staged a protest against irresponsibility of the garden authorities towards them.

In protest against the authorities of this garden under Assam Company Limited, all the laborers in collaboration with the Assam Tea Workers Union and ATSA are demanding the closure of the garden.

Hundreds of workers protested in front of the Maijan Tea factory and office amid the Covid situation in the state.

It needs to be mentioned that Maizan Tea Garden is one of the 14 tea garden under Assam Company.

Sources stated that the laborers of this garden have been facing various problems for a long time. The garden has no advanced treatment, no improved education system or any suitable labor accommodation.

Even the garden authorities have not provided the laborers with high quality rations. From a long time now, all the laborers have been informing the authorities about their grievances.

On Tuesday morning, hundreds of tea laborers have created a heated situation in the Maijan Tea Garden. All the laborers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of the garden manager.

Tea laborers have also accused the manager on abusing them at several occasions.

 Further, the tea laborers have also complained about the rice being mixed with stones in the name of food.

The laborers alleged that for the last three years, there has been no doctor at the hospital in this huge tea garden.  One of the compounder has been working as a tea laborer for a long time.

Demanding to solve such a problem that the laborers of Maijan Tea Garden have been facing over a long time, they have created a heated situation under the leadership of the Assam Tea Workers' Union and ATSA. Through the protest, they demanded the transfer of the Manager from the Maijan Tea Garden.

If this demand is not met, the 14 tea garden under the Dibrugarh Company will be closed indefinitely from the 21st of June.

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