Does Akhil Gogoi’s First Assembly Meeting As An MLA Encircles Disrespect And Mockery?

Does Akhil Gogoi’s First Assembly Meeting As An MLA Encircles Disrespect And Mockery?

Today, July 12 marked as the first Assam Assembly meeting for the Peasant Leader and Sivasagar MLA Akhil Gogoi in his political career.

Akhil Gogoi, the man who had fought and has been fighting for the welfare of Assam and speaking against the corruption in the state has always been suppressed by the power holders. This has been alleged by his supporters and the general public all over India.

The anti-CAA protest that created massive violence and terror in Assam where 5 youths became martyrs from firing of security forces is an unforgettable period for the people's leader, Akhil Gogoi.

The man was put behind bars for more than a year under UAPA act for protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Bill (now an act) by the BJP government.

It was only recently, on July 1st that the Raijor Dal chief was released from jail as NIA could not provide adequate proofs over the charges made against him.

"The BJP kept me behind the bars so that they could do all that they want against the will of the general public. They knew their plans would not have been successful, if I were kept free," said Akhil Gogoi while addressing the media after his release from jail.

On Monday, the Sivasagar MLA protested against the claims made by CM Himanta Biswa Sarma on the role of Legislators in the decision making capacity along with the other legislators of the opposition parties on their way to the Assembly meeting.

"The remarks that the CM made on the role of legislators are unconstitutional. A CM's responsibility also comprises of safeguarding the laws of the constitution. If the CM himself makes such kind of remarks, we will definitely voice against it," said MLA Akhil Gogoi.

Well, this was the scene of the day in the Sivasagar MLA's life before the Assembly meeting has started, what happens inside the meeting was pure mockery towards him.

As mentioned earlier in the reports by Pratidin Time, Akhil Gogoi got only 2 minutes to speak in the Assembly as he was from an independent party with the least number of leaders, which is only him.

Assam Legislative Assembly speaker Biswajit Daimary has been seen to repeatedly interrupt Akhil Gogoi as he tried to talk about his points saying that Akhil was diverting from what he was asked to talk about. Well, it's the first time the Legislator has been attending the cabinet, and him not having the knowledge about how a cabinet functions seems genuine.

However, the first responsibility of the assembly speaker in this matter should have been making Akhil Gogoi aware of how the cabinet meeting proceeds.

Why is there constant interruption while I try to speak but no interruption to anyone else?" asked Akhil Gogoi.

Secondly, Akhil Gogoi was also seen to be mocked by the BJP leaders seeing Gogoi unaware of the cabinet meeting rules. According to CM Sarma's boostful statement, what will it mean by the statement that he is the "neta" of Akhil Gogoi?

While there was this constant interruption that the Raijor Dal leader faced over and over again by Speaker Biswajit Daimary, CM Himanta Biswa Sarma and Minister Pijush Hazarika were seen laughing and mocking at the whole scenario.

The Raijor Dal leader was mocked with a comparison of agitation with assembly meeting on his unawareness on the cabinet functioning procedures.

Well this might be looking like a casual issue but it also showed the disrespect and mockery of BJP and the leading government towards Akhil Gogoi.

With that being said, didn't Akhil deserved a better and formal behaviour by the herd of bureaucrat present in the Assembly meeting, knowing that it was the first experience of the new MLA?

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