Drug worth Rs 14 crore recovered at Karimganj

Drug  worth Rs 14 crore recovered at Karimganj

Drugs  worth Rs 14 crore were seized from  Silchar- Agartala passenger train at Karimganj station  by railway police on Monday. High level Police officials  said ,the drugs in the form of tablets were found in two unclaimed bags during a routine check at the train when it had stopped at Karimganj station . Police has launched a probe and no one has been arrested so far.

Drug paddlers carry such bags in trains for transshipment of drugs and other contrabands.

If such bags are not detected while in transit, paddlers can take them to their destinations where they are supplied to the end users.

However, whenever such bags are detected by GRP or RPF personnel, they can hardly ascertain the owners of such bags.

In such situations, there is no way out but to tag such bags as 'unattended' ones.

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