DTO Kamrup, 3 others under suspension

DTO Kamrup, 3 others under suspension

Minister Chandra Mohan Patowary on Monday directed the Transport Department to place DTO Kamrup Metro and three others under suspension for irregularities in motor vehicle tax.

The Department on direction of the transport minister has placed Arun Bora, DTO; Simanta Neog, Head Assistant; Arup Kumar Barman, Junior Assistant and Sidhheshwar Ranghang, Cashier, all employees of the DTO Office, Kamrup Metro, under suspension with immediate effect.

Occurrence of irregularities regarding deposition of motor vehicle tax came to the notice of the Transport Department. An inquiry was immediately conducted to look into the matter. It was discovered that tax evasion was being allowed by the DTO Kamrup Metro, wherein a vehicle owner could pay the current year tax by skipping the arrear. This was against the rules.

The Commissioner of Transport has been instructed to conduct a detailed inquiry into the matter. The Department will recover the taxes wherever evaded, as all the data is available in the NIC database. Further, the Transport Department had a detailed meeting today with NIC authorities as they maintain the Vahan portal, and directed them to plug technical loopholes to prevent any such irregularities in the future.

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