Ecological Initiative of Biswanath District Jail

Ecological Initiative of Biswanath District Jail

Upasana Gohain

Since the day we started to see the world, we have seen how trees have furnished us with life's essentials, especially food and oxygen. With the evolution of human, trees started proving additional necessities like shelter, medicines and other tools.

At the present day, the values of trees have increased and its benefits are expanding over time to satisfy the needs created by our modern lifestyles. Although we understand how trees and plants are the most essential parts of our lives, we tend to disrespect this gift of Mother Nature to the mankind.

In the name of modern and urban civilization, plants and trees are cut down leaving the earth wounded and sick. This in return has only affected the human making these resources that are found from the trees nearly unavailable. Athough science and technology have made many other alternatives possible, the significance of a green environment shall always remain the most essential.

The World, during this Covid-19 pandemic has seen massive destruction of human lives. The struggle of getting a strong immunity that would lower the risk of getting the Coronavirus is real. People started searching for medicines that could get them a stronger immunity amidst the nature as well.

The nature definitely has got medicines that can control our body from being easy prey to diseases and viruses. All we need to do is conserve these medicines found from trees and plants around us.

With the aim to create a green, useful campus and motivate the young generation for their contribution to the planet in making it greener and economically stronger, The Jailor of Biswanath District Jail, Rabiram Ingti has come up with the initiative to plant medicinal plants in the jail campus.

Jail officials planting Sarpagandha Saplings

Jailor Rabiram Ingti with the help of Biswanath District Jail Staff members has inaugurated the plantation process of medicinal plants inside the campus.

With 200 'Sarpagandha' also known as 'Indian Snakeroot' plants donated by nearby tea gardens, Biswanath District Jail Staff started plantation for this noble cause.

Scientifically known as Rauvolfia Serpentina, this plant has great medicinal values which can cure many health problems in a human body. In Ayurveda, 'Sarpagandha' is used for curing high blood pressure, insomnia, asthma, acute stomach ache, painful delivery, mental illness such as neuropsychiatric disorders, psychosis and schizophrenia. It is also used in the treatments of insect stings, snake bite, gastric, tumor, general weakness, goiter, hysteria, piles, pneumonia, tubercolosis, and many more.

Jailor Rabiram Ingti planting sapling in the campus

With this plantation program of medicinal plant inaugurated in the colony, the District Jail of Biswanath also plans to plant more other medicinal saplings inside the campus.

As expressed by Jailor Rabiram Ingti, through this initiative he wants to motivate the young generation to make the environment greener. He wishes that with the joint contribution of the young children of the Jail Colony, the young generation is encouraged to identify these medicinal plants, conserve them and make the world a better place to live in. This can also make huge economical contribution to the country.

Biswanath District Jail

The Biswanath District Jail Campus has always been very popular in the Biswanath District for its green and naturally rich campus environment. With Rabiram Ingti appointed as the Jailor since a year now, the campus has seen more new environment essential initiatives taking place.

Earlier, the Biswanath District Jail Staff led by Jailor Rabiram Ingti has also organized Cleanliness Drive, and meetings on how to make the environment green and beautiful. With this new initiative of planting medicinal trees and plants inside the campus, Biswanath District Jail Campus has stood tall.

Cleanliness Drive in the campus of Biswanath District Jail

Interestingly, the young children of the Jail colony also have earlier planted trees in their name inside and around the beautiful campus.

Extremely inspiring indeed!

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