Flood Proving Safe Cover For Cattle Smugglers

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At a time when Assam continues to battle the rampaging flood across the state, the illegal supply of cattle to neighbouring Bangladesh continues unabated.

This has come to the light after a large number of cattle were brought into the state from West Bengal in broad daylight via the Srirampur Gate.

"The smuggling that took place under the wraps, is now continuing in open" alleged a number of animal welfare organizations working actively in the area to curb the unabated smuggling of cattle.

They further alleged that Assam's government's directives to the state police to put a rein on the mushrooming cattle syndicate in the stat after it was widely reported in the media, was just an eyewash.

"The government never had the intent to unearth cattle smuggling syndicate. It gave directives only to impose an assumption that it was serious about it," they further said.

It is worth mentioning here that rampant flood in the state is helping the cattle smugglers to carry out smuggling as they now claim that "cattle are only being moved to safety for protecting it from the flood".

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