Flood submerges 85% of Pobitora sanctuary

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About 85% of the Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary is submerged by flood water.

As per CWC report, the water level of the Brahmaputra and the rivers of adjacent area of the sanctuary is continuously rising above the danger level. Almost all the roads connecting the camps have either been submerged or damaged & boat have been the only mode of transport to those. The water level near the sanctuary has been elevated by one feet since yesterday night approximately.

Animal Injury/ Casualty:No such animal injury or casualty has been recorded yet and the wild animals get aggregated on the existing high lands of the sanctuary. Departmental elephants have already been shifted to Burhamayong Hill from the sanctuary

Infrastructure Damage:Patrolling road have been inundated with water and water is flowing over it at certain points. Some of the staff quarters have been surrounded by flood water.

"Water level is continuously being monitored at the range office headquarter & certain camps & boat patrolling is carried out": Forest Range Officer of Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary, said in a statement.

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