Bridge collapses in Tihu due to floods

Bridge collapses in Tihu due to floods

The flood situation in Tihu Sialmari deteriorated  on thursday as a part of the bridge on Mora Pagladia connecting Tihu Akhara collapsed.

The flash flood in Tihu have created havoc destroying houses and crops of the villagers. The collapse of the bridge have caused severe communication problem and the traffic had to be halted.

On the other hand there have been severe erosion at Nalbari's Samata due to torrentousrain for the last three days.

The Kanaikhunda river embankment constructed with a whooping Rs 1 crore 37 lakh got destroyed  due to flood. The areas Nadala, Purni, Gamarimukhi, Sahpur, Nopara have been heavily affected by the flood.

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