Former CEM Haflongbar Writes To CM Sarma On Chotowapu Polytechnic College Construction Lying Neglected For Years

Former CEM Haflongbar Writes To CM Sarma On Chotowapu Polytechnic College Construction Lying Neglected For Years

Samajit Haflongbar, the former chief executive member (CEM) of the North Cachar Hills Autonomous council wrote a letter to the chief minister of Assam, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma informing him about the of Polytechnic College building which is under construction at Chotowapu, has been lying neglected for a long period.

Polytechnic College Foundation Stone laid in 2014, Dima Hasao

Former MLA & former CEM NCHAC, Samarjit Haflongbar emailed a representation to the Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma in his first Haflong visit after being the CM of Assam, urging for taking steps pertaining to major development activities in Dima hasao as he could not meet CM Sarma.

According warm welcome the CM Sarma in his maiden visit to Haflong, Dima Hasao, the only Hill Station of Assam, former MLA Haflongbar heartily congratulated CM Sarma for assuming the prestigious post of Chief Minister of Assam.

Haflongbar further expected that Sarma's able leadership would be able to provide services to the needy people.

Haflongbar, being one of the senior politicians of the district closely observing the essential of development activity in Dima Hasao, took the privilege to highlight some required major development for taking initiative in the matter for the greater interest of the poor but promising students of the district.

Former CEM Haflongbar emphasised the settling up Engineering College at Diyungbra, for which hundreds of bighas of land was already provided by NC Hills Autonomous Council couples of years back.

Haflongbar further wrote in his mail that the negligence has discouraged the interested students eager for higher education besides they are getting to lose confidence on local leaders, and it may have negative impact in the field of education.

Polytechnic College construction site turned into Bull shed

Furthermore, he urged for initiative to be taken for under deficit system of a MCD Jr College, Harangajao, which is the only college in the area. He wrote that provincialisation of the College would certainly benefit the students, parents who could hardly send their children outside Harangajao for higher education.

Besides, former MLA Haflongbar brought to notice that it is the urgent need of University Campus at Maibang Degree College as the guardians and parents of increasing poor graduate candidates could not afford for higher study outside the Maibang areas covering at least 10 Autonomous Council Constituencies.

In view of presence of Historical monuments of Dimasa Kachari Kingdom in its ancient capital of Maibang, Haflongbar raised the issue that the "Maibang Raj Bari" be declared as State Heritage Center in the interest of development and protection of different historical monuments available in Maibang area besides attraction of within and outside tourists, which may provide local educated youths the means for self engagement besides becoming avenue for District's revenue.

According to Haflongbar, taking into consideration of lacking of industry in the district which creates job opportunities for local youth, it is very essential to make arrangement for reopening of the Jatinga Juice Factory.

Senior politician Samarjit Haflongbar also expressed his concern over the former CEMs and EM in jail for long, he pleaded for their release on humanitarian ground.

He reminds that former CEM, NCHAC, sri Mohit Hojai have been in jail for more than decade past.

Haflongbar reminds that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between State Government, Union Government & ASDC, KSA and DSU at New Delhi in presence of Union Home Minister S.B. Chavan on 1st April 1995, which was followed by publication of its Office Memorandum (OM) and later handed over to NCHAC by then Chief Minister sri Prafulla Mahanta visiting at Haflong. But, till date, the MoU is yet to be fully implemented.

Similarly, Implementation of the MoS (Memorandum of Settlement) accord which was signed between State Government, Central Government & two DHD groups in New Delhi on 8th October 2012; is yet to be started except Implementating of economy package is underway.

Under the circumstances, he appealed that fully Implementation of MoU followed by its OM publication and beginning of implementation of MoS may kindly be initiated soon.

With regards to upholding Constitution of India, former MLA and CEM Samarjit Haflongbar suggested for halting encroachment into Sixth Schedule provision with its full protection.

Açcording to Haflongbar, it has, several times, been witnessed of State's encroachment into the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India in different contexts, which is discouraging phenomena on the part of the hills people living in the Sixth Schedule areas.

In this regard, he suggested that with objective to fulfilling the dream of making "Greater Asom" by developing culture and economy; the Sixth Schedule with NC Hills Autonomous Council protecting land and natural resources, language, culture and traditions of various Tribal Communities may please be given due regards, halting State's encroachment into the provision (Sixth Schedule) with its full protection.

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