Girl Dead in Bilasipara Relief Camp

Girl Dead in Bilasipara Relief Camp

In a dreadful situation in Bilasipara relief camp, a girl died as there isno facility of treatment in the camp. It was also alleged that the girl has nottaken any food for last three days.

Locals in the camp alleged that they have not been provided with food andtreatment for which many people are suffering from illness.

It was very unfortunate that there is not even place to bury the dead bodyof the girl as the entire place is submerged under water.

The entire Assam is reeling under flood and more than 45 lakhs people havebeen affected. Although the victims were sent to relief camps they have not beenprovided with relief materials.

People from across the state have donated money for the flood-affected and even celebrities from across the country have also donated a huge amount of money in Chief Minister's Relief Fund but still, the victims have not received adequate amount of relief materials and food for survival. This is one of the reasons that people are dying in relief camps.

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