Govt’s Policy To Dominate TET teachers

Govt’s Policy To Dominate TET teachers

At the time, when thousands of TET-qualified teachers working under the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) in Assam have been staging protests against the BJP-led government's apathy in fulfilling their long-standing demands including that of regularizing their services, the state government has imposed a new regulation to extend their contractual period.

The TET-qualified teachers were asked to sign an agreement copy to extend their contractual period of 11 months. If the teachers refuse to sign in the agreement, their basic amenities like Casual leave, medical leave, Maternity leave will be affected, as per reports.

The Government of Assam-led by BJP had earlier promised to regularize of the contracts of TET qualified teachers, however, in the past three years, there has been no such development.

Around 41,000 TET-qualified teachers were appointed in contractual posts under the Sarba Sikhsa Abhijan Mission, Assam. While some of them got regular appointments, a majority of them are yet to get regular appointments creating job insecurity among the teachers.

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