Guwahati based journalist molested in a train

Guwahati based journalist molested in a train

Reportedly, A 29 year-old female journalist based in Guwahati had been sexually assaulted by a group of men in the ladies compartment of a local train near Tihu in Nalbari district.

The journalist has filed a written complaint against the incident at Bongaigaon station.

She had been travelling from Guwahati to Bongaigaon in the Manas Rhino Passenger train on June 22 when the incident occurred.

The 29 year old was allegedly groped by one man from a gang of four that had boarded the train in an intoxicated state.

The woman managed to escape their clutches by hitting the molester in self-defense, but the men fled the scene as the train entered Tihu station.

According to the complaint filed by the journalist, it came to light that there were three other female passengers who did not come forward in her aid. She has also demanded strict security to prevent such incidents in the future.

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