Hajela is a Corrupt Officer: Shiladitya Dev

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Reacting on NRC Coordinator Prateek Hajela's transfer order by the Supreme Court on Friday to Madhya Pradesh, Hojai MLA Shiladitya Dev said that he is a corrupt officer.

Dev said that it is due to Hajela that the entire NRC process wentwrong and to escape from the situation he himself seeks for transfer. "Hecouldn't escape from Assam. Wherever he will be, be it Madhya Pradesh or otherplace we will find him and he will have to pay for his fault," said Dev.

He further stated that he included such names in the NRC who havethreatened him to kill and the genuine Indian citizens have been left out ofthe NRC. Therefore, he seeks transfer so that he could be saved. If he has theguts to face then he wouldn't have leave Assam. If GM Srivastava who dominatedULFA could leave in Assam then why couldn't Hajela, asked Dev.

Hajela is a vicious person and action should be taken against him.  

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