Herd of elephants go on rampage in Rangjuli

Herd of elephants go on rampage in Rangjuli

Aherd of elephants that entered into the residential area of Rangjuli underGoalpara district damaged several houses on Saturday night. No one has beeninjured in the incident.

Asper reports, there was little that the locals could do except look on as theherd went on a rampage in the area leaving many sheds damaged. Though, thelocals informed Forest department officials about presence of the elephant herdin the area, the forest department did not visit the area, alleged locals.

"Itis really disappointing that even after we have informed the forest officialsabout the presence of elephants, they have not paid a visit here," said alocal.

The herdof elephants is reported to have entered from the nearby jungle into the area. Wildelephant herds have also been spreading terror in other parts of the district.

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