Himanta Declares Sarusajai Stadium as ‘Temporary Jail’

Himanta Declares Sarusajai Stadium as ‘Temporary Jail’

Assam Health and Family Welfare Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma declared the Sarusajai Stadium as temporary jail and asked the people living in quarantine to stay safe and healthy.

Visiting the quarantine center at Sarusajai Stadium, the minister asked the people to stay inside the room.

It may be mentioned that on Tuesday, the people who are in quarantinealleged that the government has not provided proper food to them and that theyhave not been allowed to go to their home even after their isolation period of14 days got over.

The people also threatened the government that they will stage protests in the premises of the quarantine center if they are not allowed to go.   

Following the incident, the minister today visited the center to meetthe people and urged them to stay calm and that some will be allowed to go homebefore Ramadan. He also warned the people that if anyone would record any kindof video like they did yesterday then they will be kept in quarantine foranother 14 days.

During the interaction with the people the minister said, "We have notkept you here for any invalid reason. We are here to help you all, to keep youaway from the virus. We have taken the step to save Assam."

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