Hiren Gohain Resigns As Raijor Dal Advisor

Hiren Gohain Resigns As Raijor Dal Advisor

Rajior Dal advisor Dr. Hiren Gohain resigned on Wednesday citing differences with party founding president Akhil Gogoi.

The decision comes three weeks ahead of Assam Assembly elections.

"Since Akhil Gogoi's final decision goes against my long-time stand, I hereby give up all my responsibilities as advisor of Raijor Dal. Hereafter, I will not be responsible for any of their actions," Dr. Gohain stated.

On Tuesday, Gogoi urged opposition parties to field a single candidate against each

BJP nominee. He wrote a letter, President Akhil Gogoi wrote a letter to all opposition parties which read, "I have consciously kept AIUDF (All India United Democratic Front) away from uniting because we cannot afford to accommodate another communal and fundamentalist party to get rid of communal and fascist party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). If we partner with this party, we will be morally, politically, and ideologically weak. BJP and AIUDF are two sides of the same coin."

However, Dr. Gohain considers every party standing against BJP as an opposition including AIUDF.

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