How Oct 30 blast was executed!

How Oct 30 blast was executed!

Following are the sensational revelation of how the October 30 blasts was executed with meticulous plan.

  • Ranjan Daimary, head of the NDFB, gave the main order of triggering series of blasts in Guwahati and other parts from Bangladesh.
  • Nilim Damiary carried the complete plan from Bangladesh. He got the blue print from Ranjan Daimary. Tura Police intercepted Nilim but they could not decipher the letter he was carrying as it was in Bodo language. The letter had the whole plan. Had it been deciphered, the attack could have been prevented.
  • Ganeshguri Bomb blast was executed by George Boro. Gorge given life imprisonment. At least 26 people died, 124 injured at Ganesguri.
  • Panbazar and CJM blasts were executed by Rahul Brahma. Rahul was given life imprisonment. Another 15 died in these two spots.
  • Bongaigaon blast was executed by Rajen Goyari, Rajen was given life imprisonment.
  • Kokrajhar Blast was exploded by Uttam Swargiyari. Uttam later died in police encounter.
  • Raju Sarkar was a mechanic from Rangia. The Vehicle used in the Guwahati bombing was bought in his name. Rahul and Raju fitted the bombs and placed it in Panbazar.
  • Cylinder for the bombs were brought Baishaki Basumatry. She was given life imprisonment.
  • Ansai Boro and Ajay Basumatry confessed before magistrate. Primarily the entire judgement was based their confession.

Total deaths in the blast : 81

Total Injuries in the blasts: 471

Total Explosion : 11

The blasts in Guwahati, Barpeta Road, Kokrajhar,  Bongaigaon

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