Human Trafficking: 3 Women Rescued from Guwahati

Human Trafficking: 3 Women Rescued from Guwahati

Another case of human trafficking reported from Guwahati as three womenwere recovered from being trafficked.

The three women were sold at Rs. 1 lakh each to the traffickers and were forced to involve in sexual exploitation. The ladies, however, managed to escape from the hands of the traffickers.

One of the ladies was kidnapped while she was on her way to school at Bokajan while another woman was sold by her lover when they were traveling to Dimapur.

The other woman who hails from Barpeta has been sold from a house whereshe was working as a domestic helper at Gorchuk in Guwahati.

The three ladies said that they were being sold at Rs. 1 lakh each butthey managed to escape with the help of a youth.

The women are now under the supervision of the GOLD NGO.

Human trafficking is a global issue and is the second-largest organized crime that involves physical sexual and mental exploitation of the victims. Assam is considered one of the most vulnerable regions for human trafficking where most of the victims are below eighteen years. There is a rapid increase in the number of missing adolescent children across the state. In Assam, the case of trafficking is quite visible in the border areas where people are predominantly illiterate and having a low level of awareness.

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