I don’t want credit: Padma Hazarika

I don’t want credit: Padma Hazarika

At a time, when Assam Forest Minister ParimalSuklabaidya is busy seeking credit for tranquilizing the wild elephant 'Laden';MLA Padma Hazarika, the man who led the team of forest officials that actuallytranquilized the elephant was busy feeding and taking care of the elephant.

Speaking to media, MLA Hazarika said, "I do not wantany credit. I have come to politics only to serve the people, and during thiscrisis, it was important for me to be with them."

He further said that he did not want any ministry. "Itwas not about ministry and I am not hungry to become a minister. All I did waswhat my conscience asked me to do," said Hazarika.

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