IAF gives satellite evidences of Air Strike

IAF gives satellite evidences of Air Strike

Amidst growing cry for evidence, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has prepared satellite-based evidence of Balakot target hit adding that 80 per cent of bombs had hit the target.

The Home Minister Rajnath Singh also said yesterday at Dhubri, as per the technical spy agency NTRO, there were 300 mobiles active in the Balakot hit area.

Meanwhile, Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh, who has asked the Centre to provide evidence of casualties in airstrike cited a Reuter report which has questioned the success of the bombings showing madrasa buildings still standing at the scene of Indian bombing.

Basing its report on satellite images, Reuters has claimed that madrasa buildings continue to stand tall at the scene of the bombing in Pakistan.

"High-resolution satellite images reviewed by Reuters show that a religious school run by Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) in northeastern Pakistan appears to be still standing days after India claimed its warplanes had hit the Islamist group's training camp on the site and killed a large number of militants," the report says.

But the Government is livid with the growing question and now the Indian Air Force has prepared a dossier to refute the theory that the bombs missed their target. Pakistan has claimed that the bombs led to no significant damage except to trees and forestland.

International media to has cast doubt on whether the Balakot airstrike caused any damage. However, international media has not been able to access the Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camp that was targeted in the Balakot airstrike.

Now the Indian Air Force has submitted a dossier containing 12 pages of high-resolution satellite images and synthetic aperture radar imagery collected from an intelligence aircraft platform flying in Indian airspace.

These images have been submitted to the Narendra Modi government as proof of that the Balakot airstrike was successful, top IAF sources told media.

The BJP is castigating opposition for questioning the air strikes, while Congress is criticizing BJP and the Prime Minister for politicizing the IAF airstrike.

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