IIT grad quits MNC job to educate children in Majuli

IIT grad quits MNC job to educate children in Majuli

In a world where money has become one's happiness index, an IIT – Kharagpur graduate and working in a multinational company in Singapore, quit his job so that he could serve underprivileged children in remote areas of Assam.

Yes, you read that right. Bipin Dhane, hailing from Satara, Maharashtra, quit his job in October 2015 and came to Majuli with his vision.

Dhane runs a co-educational school named the Hummingbird School, for the underprivileged children of the Mising Community in Kulamu village.

Consisting of 240 students, the classes are conducted to standard V, which is not yet affiliated to any education board. Children are not pressurised with rigid curriculum whereas education is imparted based on local context.

Children are also imparted education on basic life skills and and agriculture. Dhane also keeps in mind that the children do not miss out on extra curricular activities.

As a means to engage children, almost all the classes are carried out in a story telling format.The school sponsors all its students' education.

The community as whole cones out for ensuring the proper functioning of the school. Teachers are selected from within the community, the community people helped build the school and all the materials used during the process was also donated by the people starting from the land on which the school building has been erected.

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