Incessant rain may hinder capping of Baghjan oil well

Incessant rain may hinder capping of Baghjan oil well

The Indian Army has joined Indian and foreign experts to draw out a detailed plan and control the flow of gas from the Baghjan oil well and cap it by July 7 after taking necessary precautions.

However, the operation seems uncertain due to the incessant rain across the state that has led to the incompletion of the road which would help Oil India Limited to resume their operations at the Baghjan Well Site Number 5.

The Indian Army completed the Pontoon bridge last week and is now assisting the civil administration and the public to rebuild the roads.

Walkable pathway to Debris area from the EPS side road along with railing is under preparation; about 1/3 completed.
Road maintanence work from Chakravorty Tiniali to Baba Tinali is in progress.
Repairing of road from Baba Tiniali to CMT pump
Repair of the road by laying water line near pump no.1
Road work continues amid adverse situations

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