“India Failed To Handle Mental Health During Pandemic” – Assam NGO

“India Failed To Handle Mental Health During Pandemic” – Assam NGO

Dr Anamika Ray Memorial Trust, a prominent organization that fights against 'medical terrorism', has decided not to observe Anti-Medical Terrorism Day this year on July 19 due to the ongoing pandemic.

 It has informed the same through a press release. The release also highlights at the same time certain deficiencies that it claims have come up in the healthcare sector amidst the crisis.

It underscores the fact that due to lack of sufficient public health facilities during the pandemic, many non-COVID patients are deprived of treatment.

Due to the already under-developed healthcare sector being stressed out due to COVID-19, the organization says that the situation has led to 884 total non-virus deaths from January 30 to June 17.

Highlighting the country's inability to adequately manage the issue of mental health, the press release says that Media reported a total 125 number of suicide deaths due to the fear of infection, loneliness, lack of freedom of movement and inability to go home during the Lockdown phases.

It further says that vaccination of children is being hampered as immunization programmes have been affected, besides shedding light on the rise of superstitious beliefs during the pandemic.

The release also points out the huge discrepancy of doctor-patient ratio in India, and stresses the issue of lack of enough doctors in the rural sector. In the same breath, it also speaks about the spike in out-of-pocket health expenditure in the country because of the low insurance coverage.

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