Internationalization of the NRC

Internationalization of the NRC

As the dates of the publication of the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is coming closer, it has come under the greater scanner of the international community as the Muslim world's news and opinion portals have started raising the human right bogey, forcing the NRC authorities to issue rebuttal.

Almost on daily basis there are report of "Rohingiya type" human right abuse in various news portals across the globe, most of which has close links with Arab world. This all started with the resignation of renown social activist Harsh Mandher from NHRC, citing gross human right violation in the detention camp of Assam.

That was quickly followed by UN Special rapporteur's letter to Indian Government and then a report of a fact finding team led by former UP Top Cop S R. Darpuri, which was released in New Delhi last week.

This three have triggered a cascading international effect and as a result there is growing interest by international community on the process and that has put the NRC authorities on Assam are under greater scanner.

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