Its 31st December, countdown begins

Its 31st December, countdown begins

It feels like it was just days ago that we were all busy preparing to welcome 2018 and here comes December 31, the end of 2018. Time really flies fast, doesn't it?

Along with the whole world, Assam is also gearing up to welcome 2019 with feast and fervour. With family, friends get together at homes; people are thronging markets to get their best catch. Taking this as an excellent opportunity, sellers have increased prices of fish, meat and vegetables to the fourfold.

However, this price rise has not been able to stop people from buying their favourites to enjoy their last meal of 2018.

In the market, prices of various meats are extremely high. The price of duck meat has been set to Rs 600 per kg, chicken to Rs 400, Chital fish is Rs 750-800, Barali fish is Rs 650-700, Rohu fish is Rs 400-450 and bahu fish is set at Rs 450-500.

On the other hand, prices of vegetables have also risen. The price of cabbage is set to Rs 30-40 and Brinjal at Rs 20-25.

Despite, all the high and lows, rise and fall, we hope that you spend 31st December with happiness and enjoyment not forgetting about your safety and that of people in and around you.

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