Jorhat: BSF Official Declared Foreigner

Jorhat: BSF Official Declared Foreigner

Jorhat Foreigners' Tribunal declared Muzibur Rahman, a BorderSecurity Force (BSF) official as Foreigner. Rahman's wife has also beendeclared a foreigner but the authorities have no suspicion on the Indiancitizenship of his parents and his siblings.

Rahman belongs from Udaipur-Mikirpatti of Merapani in Golaghatdistrict along the Assam-Nagaland border.

Rahman was presently posted in Punjab and came to know about thejudgment while he was on a leave and had come home.

Rahman, while quoted by the New Indian Express said that he is agenuine Indian citizen but have been declared a foreigner based on the accountof a drunkard.

Rahman said, "I was away and my family did not receive thetribunal's notice. The chief of our village also did not inform me."

He further stated that recently, when he came home on leave, hecame to know that he has been declared a foreigner by the tribunal.

Rahman further stated that the border police had submitted areport to the Foreigners' Tribunal against him based on the account of a drunkard.

The border police are mandated to report to the FTs on suspectedillegal immigrants and the cases are then dealt with by the tribunals.

After he has been declared foreigner, Rahman moved the GauhatiHigh Court.

Rahman said that he supports the action taken against illegalimmigrants but he wants the genuine Indians should not be tortured this way. "Ihave land documents dating back to 1923," said Rahman.

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