Kaziranga National Park Completely Submerged Under Water

Kaziranga National Park Completely Submerged Under Water

The flood situation in Kaziranga National Park (KNP) worsened after 100 percent of the park has been inundated underwater. With the rising water, the animals are in danger and many have taken shelter in the highlands constructed inside the park.

The highways in Kaziranga have been submerged under water due to which many animals have been killed including one-horned rhinos, hog deer, elephants etc.

The park authority and district administration have restricted speed limit of all vehicles on the National Highway 37, which passes through the national park.

According to the Kaziranga National Park authority, floodwaters submerged 100 per cent of the park and 166 anti-poaching camps of the total 223 camps.

The park authorities said 47 wild animals, including one rhino, 41 hog deer, three wild boars have died due to floods.

Due to floods, National Highway 37 is submerged in water at many places in the Kaziranga National Park.

On the other hand, 95 percent of the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Morigaon district have been submerged under water.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary Ranger Mukul Tamuli said the wildlife sanctuary has been affected by floods for the third time within two months.

"Twelve anti-poaching camps out of 24 are now underwater. We have shifted one camp due to floods. One rhino drowned in floodwaters during the second wave of flood on June 29," Mukul Tamuli said.

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