Kaziranga Records Zero Rhino Poaching in 2019

Kaziranga Records Zero Rhino Poaching in 2019
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Kaziranga National Park has recorded zero rhino poaching in the year 2019 in two ranges. The Bagori and Burhapahar range which has been recorded as the highest poaching ranges have been identified as zero rhino poaching ranges in 2019.

The KoliaborJakhalabandha police and Nagaon police have also claimed success in preventingrhino poaching in Kaziranga.

In the lasteight years, 64 rhinos have been killed by poachers in the park while in 2019,not a single rhino poaching has been taken place in Kaziranga.

Kaziranga recorded one rhino poaching in 2011 while in 2012, nine poachings have been taken place, 16 in 2013, 9 in 2014, 10 in 2015, 11 rhino poaching in 2016, 4 each in 2017 and 2018 in Burhapahar and Bagori range. But in 2019, zero rhino poaching recorded in the park which is a great success of the park authorities, police and forest officials.

The Nagaon police have applauded Jakhalabandha police for preventing rhino poaching. Nagaon Superintendent of Police, Shankarbrata Raimedhi also praised Jakhalabandha police and awarded the Officer-in-charge and other jawans with certificates and rewards.

Raimedhialso said that along with the police, the locals and different organizationshave also fully supported to prevent rhino poaching in the two ranges.

Moreover, the Nagaon police have also apprehended 21 rhino poachers in 2019 by launching an operation against them.

Other than the Nagaon and Jakhalabandha police, people also appreciated former OC of Jakhalabandha police station, Deben Bora. During Bora's charge as OC, 312 rhino poachers have been arrested from 2014 to 2019, March 15 and nine poachers have been killed and a large number of arms and ammunition were seized.

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