Landslides, Late Flood Hit Parts Of Assam

Landslides, Late Flood Hit Parts Of Assam

With late floods hitting parts of Assam, especially Mayong and Gohpur, this time it's landslide that has been reported in Kaliabor town of Nagaon District.

On Wednesday morning, land of nearby hills in the National Highway 39 slid off, blocking one side of the road.

According to sources, problems arose in the movements of vehicle after the incident that took place last night closed one side of the NH39.

The incident is said to have taken place near Burapahar view point of the Burapahar Range under Kaziranga National Park.

NH 39 Landslide

This year, the monsoon has hit Assam comparatively less than the previous years. While hundreds of people had to lose their lives in the annual flash flood, very less casualties have been reported in 2021 monsoons.

However, it had also been reported earlier how late flood is affecting parts of Assam in the recent days.

Mayong Flood

On Tuesday, Pratidin Time reported the situation in Mayong due to flood which has inundated paddy fields, roads and houses of local villagers. People have been using boats to travel for their basic needs in the flood affected areas.

In Gohpur too late floods have hit the lives of local people after a dyke in Brahmajan broke on Tuesday morning.

The broken dyke has resulted in inundating houses of local in Bhulaguri Tea Garden nearby villages.

With late floods being reported along with landslide in Kaliabor's Burapahar, concern for the wildlife of Kaziranga National Park and people in the flood prone areas have increased.

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