Lithuania girl cleans Guwahati walls

Lithuania girl cleans Guwahati walls

How many times have you seen the corner of a wall splatted with maroon spit in a public place in Assam? Spitting in public places is a disgusting sight that most of us witness every day. Nowadays, we are habituated with these maroon spits. But, Tamara, a Lithuanian daughter was seen cleaning the splatted walls of Ulubari flyover in Guwahati on Saturday. As part of an environment related activity, Tamara was seen removing the spit in the walls of Ulubari flyover by colouring it.

Expressing dissatisfaction about the unhygienicenvironment in the city, Tamara said, "I think there are many major environmentrelated problems, but people need to change their attitude as a whole."Speaking about spitting, Tamara said, "Spitting is an excuse and this findingof excuses are irresponsibility of the people. People have to understand thatit is their own fault and it is their responsibility to keep their city clean.People have to realize this, if not them, than no body can keep a city clean."

It may be mentioned here that Tamara is married to Alakjyoti Pathak, a resident of Guwahati, who currently lives in the Europe. By profession Alakjyoti is a sculptor.

Further speaking about her environmental activities the Lithuanian daughter said, "Environmental activities are very much needed in Guwahati, Assam as well as in India. I also think that educational and social programmes need to be developed in different parts of the world to create a better tomorrow."

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