Assam: Ferry Services Suspended In Majuli

The Inland Water Transport Department gave the order to suspend ferry services as the water level of Brahmaputra River rose suddenly.
Ferry services in Assam's Majuli have been suspended
Ferry services in Assam's Majuli have been suspended

Ferry services were suspended in light of the rise in the water level of the Brahmaputra River in Assam’s Majuli, reports emerged on Thursday.

As per the reports, the ferry services at Aphalamukh ferry ghat in Majuli were suspended under orders from the water transport department after the water level of the Brahmaputra River increased.

According to information received, as many as three ferry ramps were submerged with the rise in water levels.

As such, all ferry services between Aphalamukh ferry ghat and Nimati ghat were suspended. The order was relayed by the Inland Water Transport Department.

Speaking about the suspension of ferry services, a ferry owner of the area said that they had to send away the ferries as they could not be parked. He said, “All ferry services have been suspended as of now due to the rising water levels. We are not sure for how long the services will be suspended.”

“We had to send away ‘Rupesh’ (name of ferry) away as it could not be parked. The ferry ramps have been submerged underwater as the water levels rose. We are unable to build new ramps as the river bank is not very stable and parts of the landmass are getting washed away. As such, ferry services will remain suspended for the foreseeable future,” he added.

Another ferry owner said, “Most of the ferry services have been stopped as a result of the sudden rise in the water levels of Brahmaputra. We are trying to arrange alternate means for passengers to cross the River.”

“We have to take stock of the water levels. If it is possible, then we will first build ramps to allow ferries to park. That will put the passengers wanting to cross over at ease. We have to work according to the water level. If the water level subsides and it becomes possible to put up ramps at the old ghat, then we will take measures to shift there,” he added.

Ferry services in Assam's Majuli have been suspended
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